Top voiceover technique tips without doing voiceovers

Voiceover technique comes in many shapes and forms.  Use your inflection to emphasize a point or to sound more upbeat or more commanding, underline words that help you to connect to the points you are making, define who you are talking to, etc.  Here’s another strategy:  take a break.  Ever wonder why some of the best actors out there also seem to have these fabulous and dramatic lives?  Well mostly because they crave that, but really, it fuels their creative force.  Being a great actor (in any medium) involves leading a dynamic life.  If you stay in the classroom and learn all these voice over techniques, you are ahead of the game for sure…..but what will you offer besides “technique” being delivered through an empty shell of a person.  I go through this all the time as a creative being.  I find myself not having anything “new” to offer.  This is when I know it is time to replenish the well.

          As you already know, The Artists Way can help guide you through exactly this process.  But if you want the Cliffs Notes, here they are.   Get out of the booth.  Stop reading and practicing voiceover copy.  Do something you haven’t ever done before.  Do something you know will get you thinking:  go to a museum, take a class in a new subject, start or join a book club.  Go for a walk, alone, and on a different route than you have ever taken before.  The point is to “replenish the well.”  These things provide you with the dynamic quality that most artists already have, and all children have, for that matter:  a sense of wonder, learning, experiencing something for the first time.  When you do this, you now have something to offer to that voiceover script: a fresh perspective.  You will now read it with much more than a “reading the words clearly and precisely” sound.  You will now sound more “human” and your reads will hopefully convey some of that new life experience that has graced your being with it’s creative force.  So I give you permission to stop practicing voiceover copy for a week, a month, however long you need to have fun and experience the wonder of life outside your comfort zone!

2 thoughts on “Top voiceover technique tips without doing voiceovers

  1. Sutton Turner

    I like how you suggested using your inflection to emphasize a point or to sound more upbeat or more commanding. I am looking into doing a voice over for our company commercial. I appreciate the tips on voice-overs.


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