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Top 5 ways to relax in Voice Acting

Ever notice a kid playing a video game with fierce concentration? Yes, they’re trying to win. Their tongue might even be hanging out of their mouth! Even though they are clearly playing for pleasure, and having fun, they are actually physically uptight in their efforts to concentrate and achieve their goal. This works for them because the achievement is not performance-based, only the ooutcome matters. In voiceover, it’s the exact opposite; the outcome IS in achieving a great performance. The execution matters So fierce concentration will not work here. In order to sound authentic you need to be relaxed, since this is not only the most appealing sound but also how we truly are in most of our everyday conversations. Start here:

  1. Breathe. Inhale about 4 beats through your nose. Hold it a second or two. Exhale about 8 beats through your mouth. Do this ”set” about five times before your script read.

2. Imagine a scenario in which you actually feel relaxed. Is it in nature, sitting by a stream or listening to the birds chirp? Is it sitting around with friends sharing stories? Try to take yourself through as many of the senses for that experience as you can.

3. Sit for a few minutes with a soft smile on your face. Our body can often feel what our brain tells it to feel, but our body can also tell our brain how to feel depending on how we position it.
i.e. It is harder to feel anxious lying down…

4. Wear sweatpants. Have a beer/wine. Really. It’s good for you.

5. Slooooooooow doooooooown.