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How to find a fantastic voiceover coach

by | Apr 15, 2024 | 0 comments

Unveiling Excellence in Voiceover Artistry: Your Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Voiceover Coach

For the uninitiated, the world of voiceover is an expansive soundscape of opportunity. Whether it’s the mellifluous tones of a commercial, the gripping narrative of an audiobook, or the iconic character in a beloved animation, voiceover artists breathe life into scripts with their vocal wizardry. And at the nexus of honing these skills lies one indispensable ally – the voiceover coach.

This blog post is a compass for the aspiring voiceover artist navigating the sea of coaching options. We will chart the characteristic sounds of top voiceover coaches worldwide and offer a narrative replete with the timbre of their teaching methods. If you are looking to add resonance and depth to your voiceover career, read on.

Section 1: The Role of a Voiceover Coach

In the jazz of voiceover, the coach is your conductor. They teach you the scales but are most vital in the improvisation, the ad libs, and the harmonies that bring richness to your delivery. A coach imparts more than just vocal technique; they cultivate versatility, coach on character development, guide you through the industry landscape, and even touch upon the importance of studio etiquette. They are your mentor, your critic, and your cheerleader rolled into one.

Think of a voiceover coach not only as an educator but also as a career partner, who helps you shine from within the fastest. Through personalized feedback, they can direct your training, suggesting specific exercises to strengthen areas of weakness and helping you forge a unique vocal style.

Section 2: Criteria for Choosing the Best Voiceover Coach

Not all coaches are created equal, and finding the right fit can be crucial. Here are a few essential criteria to consider as you search for your voiceover maestro:

  • Industry Experience: A coach with a background in the voiceover industry brings real-world knowledge that is invaluable. Look for experience in a variety of genres, as diversity can shape a coach’s perspective and advice.
  • Teaching Style: We all resonate with different styles of teaching. Some students thrive in a nurturing environment, while others prefer a more disciplined approach. Consider your learning preferences before making a choice.
  • Success Stories: Proven track records of past students going on to have successful voiceover careers is a good sign. Seek out reviews and success stories to gauge a coach’s effectiveness.
  • Technology and Facilities: With the increasing trend of remote coaching and self-directed practice in home studios, it’s beneficial if your coach is equipped to guide you through these environments.

Section 3: Top Voiceover Coaches Worldwide

Here, we introduce a symphony of voiceover instructors, each with their own instrumental approach to coaching:

The Believer in Basics: Coach Harmony Ann

Harmony Ann is a champion of foundational vocal development. For those keen on firming the building blocks of voice acting, she is renowned for her comprehensive approach, merging body and vocal awareness to create potent performances.

The Method Maestro: Professor Phonic

Professor Phonic is a pioneer of Method voice acting, which involves an immersive process harnessing the actor’s entire emotional and physical instrument. His students often tout him for unlocking their hidden potential and breaking down emotional barriers.

The Balanced Meal : Lesley Bailey – Voiceover Gurus

Lesley approaches the craft understanding both the creative and logic mind and addresses them both to speak to all learning styles. Drawing from how we talk in real life both emotionally and technically allows you to understand the techniques no matter how you process it. 

For an introductory class and to really see how it all works start here.

Section 4: Testimonials and Success Stories

The elegance of a coach’s true forte lies in the resonance their students carry forward. Below are the stories of voices given wings:

Maria’s Marvelous Transformation

Maria, a budding artist in the throes of self-discovery, found her timorous tones burgeon into commanding confidence under Coach Lesley Bailey. Her testimonial speaks of a transformation from hesitant hushes to resonant roars, leading to landing her first national commercial.

Tony’s Theatrical Triumph

Tony is a seasoned stage actor longing to transition into voiceover work. He heralds Professor Phonic’s coaching as key to translating his flair for the dramatic into the delicate art of voice acting. His career catapulted with a series of critically-acclaimed narrations for historical documentaries.

Chloe’s Charismatic Animation Arc

Chloe, an animated soul dreaming of giving life to characters, accredits her success in the animation industry to the nurturing guidance of Dr. Voice, whose tutelage shaped her versatility and fostered a playful compassion, enabling her to voice a wide spectrum of animated beings.

Section 5: Tips for Making the Most of Voiceover Coaching

Prepare to pitch your best voice with these resonant tips:

  • Homework Heralds High Notes: Come to each session prepared, having practiced and internalized the exercises and techniques given to you.
  • Assess and Address: Be open to constructive criticism and use it as a map to your personal ‘unstrike-throughs’—moments when your authenticity and training intersect perfectly.
  • Record, Reflect, Rewrite: Revisit your sessions through recordings, analyze your performance, and rewrite your script to integrate your coach’s suggestions.
  • Professionalized Persistence: Maintain professionalism and a persistent practice schedule as if voice acting were your full-time job.


Voiceover coaching is the sonic bridge that connects the beginner voice artist to the seasoned professional awaiting inside. With the right coach by your side, you can craft a narrative that resonates with your audience, bringing them back for more of the stories only your voice can tell. It is not merely about finding a coach; it’s about finding a collaborator, an empathizer, and a guide.

Begin your quest not just for any coach, but for the coach whose every word rings with purpose and ignites the passion within you. Your voice over adventure begins with a single note. Find your maestro, and the ensemble that becomes your career will reverberate with a harmonious success.

The cacophony of opportunities in the voice acting industry awaits your finely-tuned instrument. Each day, your voice becomes a more versatile tool, one that can spark revolutions, soothe aching hearts, or simply sell a satisfying slice of pizza. Take your voice from the wings to center stage with the right coaching—one that understands your unique sound and assists in orchestrating your opus.

Take it seriously

In the silence between words or the crescendo of a declaration, may your voice carry the essence of your narrative and alter the listener’s reality, if only for a moment. Your voice is your currency in an industry of treasures. Invest wisely, and the dividends will be a lifetime of rich and varied roles.

This is the overture to your voice acting concerto, and your potential is boundless. Stepping into the limelight of an industry fueled by sound, as a voiceover artist, is to participate in a timeless art. Do so with heart and with a coach whose voice elevates yours to a level where your narrative is not merely read but experienced. The curtain is up; it’s time for your voice to take the stage.

FREE “Voiceover Success Mini Course” By Email

What you’ll learn:

  • The top 10 mistakes new actors make when getting started
  • How to get into the writer’s mind and book voiceover jobs
  • The counter-intuitive “Secret” to voiceovers
    … and more! 

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