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Portland Voice Over Coaching and Classes:

Voiceover Training with Casting Director Lesley Bailey


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Portland voiceover coaching just got easier with NYC Casting Director and longtime Coach Lesley Bailey now in residence here.  In-person coaching benefits and steep discounts are just a few of the benefits.  The Portland Voiceover scene expands beyond it's local talent agencies to it's high-level recording studios and beyond.  Portland has become the new indie film destination as well, creating new opportunities for artists of all mediums.  As a Portland voice actor, you have the opportunity to learn, in-person, the same secret techniques as the top voice actors in the nationContact us for more info on voiceover coaching in Portland and start your voiceover career today.

Voiceover Class in Portland:

All the technique secrets of individual coaching in a fun group setting....this voiceover class is held in premier Portland recording studio Rex Post.  Taught by Casting Director Lesley Bailey, classes cover everything for beginners from tips on how to sound interesting AND authentic, how to analyze the script and give the writer what he wants, and how to personalize your read and make it stand out from the pack.  If you are interested in being put on the waitlist for the next class, please contact us to assure your place.


Read about Lesley Bailey and her extensive credentials, review the incredible testimonials from top voice actors, and start your Portland voiceover training today.  Lesley develops and nurtures students from all over but like most Portlanders, loves to support her community.


Portland-trained voiceover artist Trisha Miller

Trisha Miller
After training with Voiceover Gurus in Portland, Oregon, Trisha moved on to LA to expand upon her incredible resume of film and voice-acting credentials.  "Why do i train with Lesley?  Because she is a Casting Director and she has heard it all!"                                Watch her video testimonial here.

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