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        Voiceover Gurus is a unique boutique (say that ten times fast) for voiceover casting services. 

        The “unique” part is demonstrated through the Voiceover Gurus casting options, which offers the choice of hearing the top talent from either NYC, Los Angeles,

or Portland, OR – depending on your needs.

        The “boutique” part is that Voiceover Gurus does not do “cattle calls.”  We take pride in offering quality over quantity for busy producers, writers, and directors that just don’t have the time to listen to hours and hours of casting.   Because we know the talent in all of these markets, we choose the best and only the best to audition for your project, and then….we whittle it down even more. 


If you’re looking to cast NYC or LA voice actors, we offer “remote voice-casting coordination” from our Portland studio that offers you the exact same level of talent and quality but at half the cost.  Basically you will get the same end result (the ability to listen to a phenomenal session from the convenience of your computer).

If you’re looking to cast Portland voice actors, we do live casting sessions, but again the end result for you will be the same – you will be able to listen back to superb talent from the convenience of your computer.


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Casting Director Lesley Bailey

Read about Lesley's extensive background in Voice Casting, or just hear the rave reviews!  To contact Lesley directly call 503-396-6056.


Joe Narciso on voiceover coaching in Portland with Lesley

Joe Narciso
Joe Narciso has been a voice over actor in New York for more than a decade. Commercially, he has been heard as the national voice of: Mercedes-Benz, Calvin Klein, Aquafresh, Ritz Crackers, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola amongst many others. Read His Testimonial and more.

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